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A Creative Learning Community to Help Your Creativity Thrive

This school exists for anyone on the creative journey who wants to:

Refine their Creative Process
Develop your Creative Practice
Establish your Creative Business
Live out your Creative Vocation

Instant Access to THREE Online Modules
(valued at $1500)
Weekly Creativity Prompt
4x Learning Module Workbooks
Monthly Zoom Gatherings
A Community of Creatives
Learning Co-hort
Over 50 hours of video/audio content

After thirteen years of my own full-time Creative Practice, there is nothing else I love more than journeying alongside others as they develop their own creative practice. Whether you are just beginning to dabble, whether your creative expression is just a little hobby or whether you are seeking to more fully establish a creative career...I don't really mind. This is for you. Wherever you are at and whatever your creative expression is. I come at it from a writing angle but nearly all of the learning will easily transpose into your own expression. I have had the privilege of teaching the creative process to over fifty thousand people over the last decade (it has been a rather large decade). And I would love to share what I have learnt with you too.

This School for Creative Development is not just about giving you information,

it is about supporting you in implementing change in your creative practice.

It is a community serving and supporting one another to make progress,

from where you are now in your creative practice to where you want to be.

How It Works

By becoming a member of The School of Creative Development you get access to a whole lot of learning focussed on helping you develop your practice. The primary way this works is that, across a 24 month period, as a learning cohort, we will explore these FOUR LEARNING MODULES designed by Joel Mckerrow.

A Clearing in the Forest (Creative Process Module)

The Art of Crafting Story (Story Writing Module)

Creative Vocation (Creative Business and Creative Practice Module)

The Creative Journey (The Deep Place podcast Season Three Module)

You will have FULL ACCESS to three of these online courses on the RUZUKU learning platform. You can explore them at your own pace, whenever you start your subscription.


Each quarter we will focus in on one course together, forming a communal learning experience. In my two decades of teaching I can hands down say that communal learning provides a superior learning environment. When you start your subscription, you can choose to join the existing community or wait for a new learning module to commence.

The fourth course (The Creative Journey) has been developed as the third season of THE DEEP PLACE PODCAST (Dropping 4th July 2022). This is also the first course in our schedule of what we shall be working through together.

How will we work together?

-Online, closed creative community where you can chat to each other and get feedback from the community on your work.

-Monthly Zoom Gatherings hosted by Joel with specific, course related focus

- Four Learning Module work books with activities and reflections you can take at your own pace


Subscriptions are ongoing, although you can cancel any time. It will take two years to complete all four modules  if you do it in pace with the learning community. But as you know the creative journey never ends, and these courses are designed to be repeated, each time drawing new insight.



Learning Modules


The Creative Process Module

- 25 Lessons

- Over twelve hours of Video Lessons

- PLUS the Course Workbook

Course valued at $460



Career, Calling and

Creative Practice Module.

- 20 Lessons

- Over ten hours of Video Lessons

- PLUS the Course Workbook

Course valued at $460

(Click for more info about each)


Story-writing Module with guest Sabrina Lloyd

- 20 Lessons

- Over ten hours of Video Lessons

- PLUS the Course Workbook

Course valued at $460


The creative Journey

The Deep Place Season Three

Season Three of the Deep Place Podcast has been designed not only as a podcast, but as a learning module for The School of Creative Development. In this module we look at the different phases of the creative journey and what we can learn from each. 

Learning Schedule

You can absolutely choose to go through any of the learning modules at any time you desire. However, as a learning co-hort (and to get the most out of THE SCHOOL FOR CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT), there is a schedule of what we shall be doing together. The community support of being part of this school will definitely come through taking part in this scheduled approach as this will be the focus of the fortnightly zoom sessions, the workbooks and the community forum for uploading your own creative projects. This is our communal dive into how we might practically embody the teachings from the four learning modules into our actual practice. 

Key Learning Cohort Dates
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Choose the Registration Plan you can Afford
Payment for the School of Creative Development is self-governed. This is because we believe that just because you cant afford a creativity course doesn't mean you should go without. And we also know that some of us have more money that they can afford to pay for such a course. We figure it'll all work out in the end. So we leave it in your hands to choose the fee structure that works with what you can afford. Be aware that the content of each learning module alone has a stand alone price of over $500 and the full four modules PLUS zoom coaching sessions, workbooks, etc brings it to being well over $3000 value over the 2 years.

All plans include FULL registration to The School of Creative Development.

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