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'Joel is a true creative genius and his impact on my team was nothing short of extraordinary.'

~ Clark Kirby — CEO Village Roadshow ~ 

Take your event to the next creative level...

A creativity specialist, Joel can help you...

 Creatively INSPIRE your people and give them what they need to tap into CREATIVE FLOW.

Take your event to a whole new level of CREATIVE ENGAGEMENT.

Bring CREATIVE-THINKING and INNOVATION back into the workplace.

MOTIVATE your people in their own Creative Development.

Flesh out and embody an integrated CREATIVE PRACTICE.


Joel McKerrow is a highly sought after speaker, performer and creativity specialist. He has helped countless organisations, companies and individuals around the world to better engage with their creativity and to develop practices that will move them forward. With an engaging and motivational style he combines poetic performance, storytelling and a wealth of entrepreneurial insight from 15 years full-time within the creative industries.

Joel has worked with such clients as Village Roadshow, International Transforming Education Conference, Global Health Conference, The Centre for Public Impact, Story Gathering (Nashville), Greenbelt Festival (UK), Once Upon A Festival, Somerset Storyfest, The Creativity Conference, The Design Coach, Tearfund Australia, Arrow Leadership and many more.


I know how to tap into creative flow and I know how to teach you and your people to do the same.


Joel's Speaker Agency
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"Our community of storytellers are among

some of the most creative people in the world,

and Joel displayed a unique ability

to inspire and move them deeply.”

~ Harris III ~ Director of STORY GATHERING- Nashville ~

Major Events in 22/23

Story Gathering (Nashville)

Somerset Storyfest

The Creativity Conference (Global)

Whitsundays Youth

Literary Festival

Village Roadshow Executive Retreat

Little Scribe

Greenbelt Festival (UK)

National Celtic Folk Festival

Graceland Festival (Netherlands)

Storyfest OutWest

Once Upon A Festival

The Design Coach Retreat

Write Around the Murray

Arrow Leadership Retreat

Capricorn Coast Writers Fest

CYA conference

Confluence Retreat

experiences combining
a depth of learned-wisdom and creative expertise with  the story-telling of a passionate, seasoned poet.

Major Keynote Presentations

When change and disruption come, like a violent storm, only those ships ready to embrace what creativity has to offer them, are the ones able able to keep afloat.


This is because, in-built into creativity, are the very tools that you will need to keep sailing on these ever changing seas.

An inspiring keynote transposing the learnings from the Creative Process of writers and artists into lessons for how organisations and individuals can keep afloat

whatever the weather. 

the vital work of creative innovation 

Creativity doesn’t just happen. Neither does transformation. Every successful writer, storyteller and artist goes through a risky, uncomfortable and yet incredibly fertile creative process that transforms germinating ideas into reality. The individual and the organisation must embrace creative process in the same way if they too are seeking innovation. Based on the very intentional process of Joel Mckerrow’s creativity this presentation gives people a practical framework for developing their burgeoning ideas into existence.

creative process and the germination of ideas

For anyone seeking innovation,

creative blocks are most often the product of our fears. To push past these blocks, to confront the fear, takes a great deal of courage. Yet, every time they show up at the page or the canvas, this is where the artist plays, just outside the comfortable, in the world of RISK. It is in this place too where inspiration is found, not as some elusive thing, but rather through the very intentional choice of slowing down to be present to both the inner world and the outer world. This presentation gives people the courage and the practical steps to both push through their fear and to tap into  the inspiration

all around them.

where to go
when inspiration
has left the building

Story-telling is not just something writers and film-makers engage in. Story sits at the very heart of the individual, of organisations and of society as a whole. The stories that we tell become who we are. It is imperative then to understand how story constructs both individual and corporate identity, and how the frameworks within narrative, from books to films to mythology, can give us a way to live out a better story as people and as organisations. This presentation invites listeners into a narrative process of re-thinking their individual or corporate identity and re-storying who they are desiring to be.

The power of
re-storying the old narratives

"Joel is in the uppermost tier of speakers I've worked with, so much so that I hired him again, and again.”

~ Brooke Shaden – Promoting Passion Conference ~

 Other Presentations/workshops
The Art of Self Examination

Creativity speaks into and flows from both the aching pain and the delicious hope of our inner world. Tapping into this inner world is crucial both for the artist and for creative organisations desiring the best out of themselves and their people.

Communication that moves

Creatives live always on the edge, on the border between normalcy and difference. They see things slightly askew. It is this posture that allows them to challenge the way we have always seen things. And it is this unique way of knowing that is much  dneeded to remake our settled ways of seeing.

Commucation that moves
Learning how to Listen

A sense of purpose and meaning and contentment in life does not come from having the biggest toys. It comes from the choice to listen to what your life is trying to tell you that it wants and then connecting this desire up to something larger than oneself. For they who have ears to hear.

Learning how to Listen
Creativity and Social Change

The society we live in is a story-telling society. The values upheld, the shape of relationships, the search for meaning, all of these things are influenced by the stories that we listen too. Our creativity, therefore, when it seeks to tell a new story, actually has the potential to change the society around us.

Creativity and Social Change

Poetic Event Scribe

Something extra that is solely UNIQUE throughout the whole world 

Similar to an illustrator capturing an event in images,

Joel writes poetry throughout the event

and then translates what has been communally shared

into a poetic performance delivered back to the delegates.


It is a poetic summary of sorts that is sure to leave your attendees with their mouths open.


"Working with Joel McKerrow is a truly transformative experience. I invited Joel to join me at my recent Leadership Retreat where he passionately engaged with my senior leadership team and successfully had them find their own creativity.  His ability to inspire and challenge the group to tap into their inner writer was remarkable. Through his poetry and storytelling, he effortlessly evoked deep emotions, leaving us all captivated and passionate about the power of words. Joel is a true creative genius and his impact on my team was nothing short of extraordinary.

Clark Kirby – CEO Village Roadshow  

"Joel is a powerful presence in any room. He makes each individual feel seen, valued, and connected to a deeper place. His poetry is booming, spectacular; but his message even more. He is in the uppermost tier of speakers I've worked with, so much so that I hired him again, and again.”

Brooke Shaden – Founder, Promoting Passion Conference – USA

Screen Shot 2023-10-17 at 5.53.47 pm.jpeg

Very few people can engage people like Joel can...I am sure that he is one of Australia's most compelling speakers. His ability to capture the attention of an audience in a moment is remarkable and breathtaking. 

Helen Parker OAM- CEO, The Babes Project

I have worked with Joel on multiple events and he comes remarkably close to being the perfect creative partner. He effortlessly blends into any event, often knowing where to do this better than myself, and he brings such meaningful words (sometimes in a moments notice) to take the event forward. He is remarkably gifted at reading a room and knowing where to take them. Honestly, he is an all round pleasure of a human to be around and to work with. So, if you’re thinking of working with him my suggestion would be: do yourself a favour and hesitate no more.

Willem Dekker- Artistic Director- Graceland Festival- The Netherlands


Joel is a master craftsman with words, able to tell stories to entertain any audience, making them laugh, imagine, wonder, and think...Joel is a skilled communicator and I highly recommend him as a keynote presenter.

    Dr Fiona Partridge- ITEC - International Transforming Education Conference

“A poet who can move an audience to hold their breath, to hang on every word, or cause tears to tumble, as the master of words leads you on a journey, at times, in self-discovery.  Joel encapsulates everything that Storyfest is. He engages and nourishes both the young and old with his performances and encourages them to discover their own voice.” 

Andrea Lewis - CEO Somerset Storyfest



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