Mother God Watercolour on A3 300 GSM paper.


The poem that accompanies the piece...


Mother God

with broken open heart,

who is at once demanded upon and rejected in the same breath. 

Who is over-touched 

and over-stretched 

and over-whelmed.

Mother God

whose body spilt blood,

for a children so obsessed with our own insecurities. Are you lonely Mother God? Are you lonely?

Emptied out. 

Life given. 

Mother God

who takes on herself the batterings

and bruisings of a beaten down woman.

Who weeps at the injustice upon her daughters

Who wails at who her sons have become. 

Mother God who rages. 

Mother God who waits, awake, hoping.

Mother God, I am sorry, we have only spoken of you as Father. And still you wait for us. Mother God. And still you wait for us.

Never seen. Still waiting.


Mother God Watercolour