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Beyond Rhetoric: Writings in the tradition of Kahlil Gibran’ is a book of poetic and mystic ponderings crafted around the story of a homeless prophet and those that gather to listen to his wisdom. It is a modern fable in the same vein as the work of the late poet and philosopher, Kahlil Gibran and brings together a critique of modern society with the whisperings of a new social and personal reality. Weaving together action and contemplation, the aesthetic and the analytical, self-understanding and social engagement, it is a holistic dive into themes of power, faith, peace, justice, truth, freedom and sexuality. This is a book that will touch more than just your intellect, it shall bring together the gap between your heart space and the actions of your hands. With stunning illustrations by Elise Hanscamp and foreword by Franciscan priest Father Richard Rohr.


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