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Poetic Event Scribe

An un-reflected experience is a wasted experience

Looking for something for your event that is quite literally


throughout the whole world?

Have you ever come to the end of your conference/retreat/festival and there has been so much spoken and so many meaningful experiences shared that it feels almost impossible to capture them for the participants?


Well, what if there was someone who could do this for you?

A little bit like this...

As you can see Joel not only captures the experience of your event but then he translates what has been communally shared into a poetic performance which he then delivers back to the event as a creative, emotive mode of reflection.


It is a poetic summary of sorts that is sure to leave your attendees with their mouths open.

In addition to the KEYNOTE SPEAKING, PERFORMING and WORKSHOPS that Joel brings to conferences, retreats, festivals, etc. he has been bringing this scribal creativity to the events industry for many years now. From smaller well-being/creative retreats all the way through to the world's premier story conference: STORY GATHERING in Nashville, TN.

Joel brings his sharp listening ear, his creative expertise with words and the emotive passion within his performance to bring about an experience that participants are sure not to forget.

The summative poem can then also be recorded to be given to participants as a digital keepsake of the event.

So if you are looking for a way to take your event to the next level for your participants,

then enquire about Joel's Poetic Event Scribe offering.

Poetic Narrative Sessions

(A one-on-one Reflective Session (for smaller events).

Do you want to take the Poetic Event Scribe a step further and more personal within your retreat?

Well, I dont know if anyone has ever written you a poem? And no I am not just talking about a cheesy love poem with really bad rhyming, I am talking poetry that speaks into your very core, poetry that reminds you of who you are.


This is what Joel wants to offer your people…

their story reflected back to them in the form of poetry.


Every week for the last ten years Joel has written a poem for someone and given it to them.

(Ok, there were a few weeks he missed).

So that means that for a decade Joel has been sitting with people, listening to their stories and writing poetry that stems from them. What began as a form of busking (someone would share a story on the street and Joel would write them a quick poem on a typewriter as a response), then grew into something altogether larger. In fact, this practice became the very centre of Joel's creative practice. The art of deep and attentive listening, from which poetry is then crafted.

Truly, and without embellishment, this is the kind of creative offering that changes lives on the spot. 



Honestly, there is a vulnerability and a risk in this kind of sharing. A risk taken both by Joel and by those who choose to honour the session with their story. It is an offering made from both directions that brings with it a rich, authentic connection, which can only come through some level of open-handedness.


So, if you are creating an event, or having a retreat and are after this kind of authentic, creative, 

life-changing moment for your people, then this is for you. For some it might be some poetic words for their new season, or encouragement to move forth from the season they have been stuck in. For many, the response is, as one person shared back...


'I never had the words to articulate that part of my story

and you just gave me those words.

I will never be the same.






All it requires is for individuals to sit with Joel for 20min and share some of the story of who they are. Their joys, their fears, a specific anecdote from their life, whatever they feel they want to share and what they want to have a poem written about. Joel asks a few questions and then spends some time writing up the piece. A future time at the event is worked out for sharing back with the person. At a later date Joel then records the piece and emails a recording (as well as a pdf of the written piece) for them to have and use as they want. 

Obviously this is not something Joel can do on a large scale. Within events he can do this with each person, if there is enough time and a small enough group. Or, what works well is a first-in-first-served sign up sheet so some people get the experience.

So if you are looking for a way to take your event to this personal level for your participants,

then enquire about Joel's Poetic Narrative Sessions.

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