Online Schools Packages

In light of the COVID-19 worldwide crisis and its impact upon schools I have crafted my poetry workshop incursions into an online media package for teachers and home-school parents. Users will be able to use the package within any online learning environment they are currently using with their students. The schools package is made up of 5 lessons each involving a 20-30min video presentation by myself, a worksheet for students to engage with and practical writing assignments for them to complete (average time for each session= 1 hour). Available also for home-school teaching.

Lesson Schedule

    Lesson 1: Poetry Performance and Toolbox

This lesson opens students eyes as to potential of what poetry can be through the performance of Joel’s own poetry as well as his reflecting on what poetry can be within the world. Students will be creating a poetry toolbox through reflecting on what performative and literary tools Joel uses in his works.


    Lesson 2: Poetic Process and INSPIRATION.

This lesson is an introduction into Joel’s poetic process looking at the steps of INSPIRATION, CREATION, CONSTRUCTION and INVITATION. In this lesson Joel focusses in on where we get our inspiration for poetry writing from. By the end of this lesson students will have written two poetic pieces.


    Lesson 3: CREATION

This lesson focusses in on the initial creative dump in the poetry process. How to break past the 

foreboding blankness of the empty page. By the end of this class students will have written two more poetic pieces.


    Lesson 4: CONSTRUCTION

This lesson focusses on how students can take the initial writing they have done in the INSPIRATION and CREATION section and now develop and subsequently edit these pieces further into a poetic piece that they could bring out into the world. By the end of this class students will have constructed and developed one of their pieces. 


    Lesson 5: INVITATION

This lesson focusses in on the performance side of poetry. Inviting people in to experience the poetic works that they have been writing through looking at Rhythm, Embodiment, Authenticity, Dynamics and Intentionality. BY the end of this lessons students will have worked out the performance aspect of their piece.


The normal schools incursion packages that I offer = $300 for one session with one class. In light of this for the online packages you may purchase one lesson to be used with the equivalent of one class (up to 30 students) for $300. That works out as…

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Teachers receive the videos either as movie files or as youtube/vimeo links and the worksheets that accompany each lesson as a PDF. These may be uploaded and integrated into the schools online learning platforms as they wish. Click the REGISTER button, fill in the contact form with what you are after and Joel will be in contact ASAP to work out the details.