experiences combining a depth of learned-wisdom with passionate performance 

and the story-telling of a seasoned poet.

Take your event to the next level of creative experience

Joel McKerrow is a highly sought after speaker within conferences, gatherings, corporate conventions, festivals, educational settings, faith-based communities and more. With an engaging and motivational style Joel combines his poetic performance talents and storytelling ability with his wealth of experience as a full-time writer and performer within the creative industries. He also brings to the stage 17 years of in-depth work/Academic study focussed on emerging adults and their identity, self-understanding, worldview and vocational formation.

"Joel is in the uppermost tier of speakers I've worked with, so much so that I hired him again, and again.”

~ Brooke Shaden – Promoting Passion Conference ~

Major Keynote Presentations for Conferences
Transformational Creativity:
How the creative process can move you forward

Where do we go when inspiration has left the building?

The Foreboding Blankness
of an Empty Page:

The Art of Evoking Response:
Communication that
genuinely moves
How understanding narrative will bring about a better story
Other Presentations
The Art of Self Examination
The Creative
you need
Learning how to Listen
Creativity and Social Change

Finding Creative Freedom | Finding your Voice | Performance Poetry 101 | Creativity and Spirituality | Empathetic Citizenship | Identity Formation | Finding Your Vocation | The Spiritual Journey of Adolescents | The Art of Crafting an Engaging Story | The Spiritual Journey | Social Justice and Creativity | Going Beyond Charity | Practical Theology | Contemplation | Shaping a Rhythm of Life | Holistic Youth Ministry


“Joel McKerrow is one of those people you discover and know you need to hold onto forever. He is a masterful wordsmith, a transfixing performer, and is one who’s words flow out of all that is in his heart.I am excited for the rest of the world to discover Joel McKerrow.”

Vickie Reddy- Executive Producer, The JUSTICE Conference


"Joel is a powerful presence in any room. He makes each individual feel seen, valued, and connected to a deeper place. His poetry is booming, spectacular; but his message even more. He is in the uppermost tier of speakers I've worked with, so much so that I hired him again, and again.”

Brooke Shaden – Founder, Promoting Passion Conference 


Very few people can engage people like Joel can. After seeing him present in varied contexts over many years, I am sure that he is one of Australia's most compelling speakers. His ability to capture the attention of an audience in a moment is remarkable and breathtaking. I always look forward to when has Joel the stage. 

Helen Parker OAM- CEO, The Babes Project


Joel is a master craftsman with words, able to tell stories to entertain any audience, making them laugh, imagine, wonder, and think. He engages with secondary students well, leading students to laugh at the quirkiness of life, while moving them to think deeply about social issues. Joel is a skilled communicator and I highly recommend him as a keynote presenter.

    Dr Fiona Partridge- CEN Executive Officer | Professional Learning Presenter


Joel Mckerrow is a captivating, engaging, poignant, challenging, passionate speaker who takes his audience on a soul-searching journey, leaving them wondering how words could hold so much power and evoke such emotion. He comes highly recommended.

Jenny Willetts - Managing Director, StableOne


Joel makes creativity and poetry come alive. Through his large group presentations and workshops he discusses what inspires him, how he writes and, best of all, he actually gets students writing poetry!

Marissa Joyce- Head of English- Siena College

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