Soles of Australia’ is an international tour taking two Performance Poetry artists (Joel McKerrow and Michelle Dabrowski) from Australia over to Canada for a one month tour of Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Ottawa and Vancouver. As community arts workers (with 'The Centre for Poetics and Justice' (cpj.org.au) and 'Australian Poetry's Super Poets') both Joel and Michelle are focused on promoting the rapidly developing spoken word scene found within Melbourne. Performance poetry in Melbourne has reached a crucial stage of being a viable prominent force in the international performance poetry industry- through such events recently as the hugely successful 'Global Poetics tour' (www.globalpoetics.com) (hosted by The Centre for Poetics and Justice) and the recent 'Please Resist Me tour' of the East Coast of Australia and such poetry communities as 'Slamalamadingdong’ (of which Michelle is the slam master). It is at this time that the quality of the Performance Poetry scene in Melbourne Victoria can be shown to the rest of the world through such initiatives as this Soles of Australia tour.

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