The People of the Sun

Created by award-winning writer/performers Joel McKerrow and Anna McGahan, with musical composition by Joshua Fuhrmeister, ‘The People of the Sun’ is an immersive, roaming-theatre experience. It is an exploration of shadow and light, of the things that we keep secret and our fear of being exposed. Mischievous, poetic and inspiring – it leads the audience on an adventure through an inverted existence, searching with the hope of young eyes that long to see more.

Joel McKerrow and Anna McGahan met through the Melbourne spoken-word community in 2015, and in 2016 decided to collaborate on a devised piece of theatre that would combine the eloquence of Spoken Word Poetry with the raw nature of character-focussed theatre. Their shared passion for social justice, psychology and spiritual connection to land, led them to what has become, ‘The People of the Sun’.


In the Fluorescent City, the people live in shadows...

Shrouded in darkness, they are illuminated only by the glow of their devices.

But two teenagers have started hearing strange stories - rumours of colours that cannot be imagined, and ancient landscapes that the factories have forgotten.


By Joel McKerrow & Anna McGahan